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Wednesday, october 17th:

Opening of KÅKÅnomics 2018: «The Attention economy» with James Williams

Venue: KÅKÅ (Sting Nere)
When: 17:00

How to be critical and daring journalist when the media is out of order! 

Venue: Frøken Phil
When: 20:00

Thursday, october 18th:

Jaan Tallinn: “«The existential risk of artificial intelligence”»

Venue: MS Sandnes
When: 17:30

What is appropriate development economics? 

Venue: Frøken Phil
When: 18:00

The future of capitalism: Facing the new anxieties 

Venue: MS Sandnes
When: 19:30

Caught in the attention economy  – what about the politics? 

Venue: Frøken Phil
When: 19:30

Friday, october 19th:

Bullshit jobs and the meaning of labour 

Venue: MS Sandnes
When: 18:30

Saturday, october 20th:

The Magnitsky Act – critical film and journalism vs. capital power 

Venue: Møteplassen (Sølvberget)
When: 14:00




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