LØRDAG 26. OKT, KL. 17:00 Gaffel og Karaffel - Vinbaren
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Renegade Inc. TV-sending: David Graeber – Bullsh*t Construction: White Elephants and Castles

Bullsh*t Construction: White Elephants and Castles

Tid: 26. oktober, kl. 17:00-17:45
Pris: 150 / 75
Sted: Vinbaren, Gaffel & karaffel Nere, KÅKÅnomics 2019

KÅKÅnomics is proud to present Renegade Inc as a KÅKÅnomics Festival media partner, they are going to shoot one TV-production for international distribution each night at Vinbaren, Gaffel & Karaffel downstairs. Renegade and KÅKÅnomics look for people who are thinking differently about how we could re-organise our economy and society. Today it is all about bullsh*t, not so much bullsh*t jobs as bullsh*t construction – why are we building what we don’t need?

– Hot on the heels of his bestselling book Bullsh*t Jobs, one of the world’s leading anthropologists David Graeber turns his attention to Bullsh*t Construction. He simply asks why have we put so much capital and effort into creating buildings that no one wants or needs? Graeber highlights the energy we waste on wrongheaded building projects just so we can move outdated economic indicators.

– Host is Ross Ashcroft, a british filmmaker, news presenter and businessman. He is the host of the Renegade Economist show.

Renegade Inc is the team behind the acclaimed documentary «Four Horsemen».